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The World’s Worst Driver? They Hit 3 Parked Cars and a Wall

When it comes to operating a vehicle, nobody’s perfect. While some drivers might be substantially better than others, nobody ever gets behind the wheel and is completely flawless in the operation of their car or truck. However, every once in a while, you might just so happen to come across a display that ends up being particularly bad and doesn’t exactly spell out the “driver of the year” for the person who happens to be in control. That really looks like what exactly it is that we are taking a bite out of here as things start pretty wild and only get more intense as they go on.

This one is actually pretty hard to watch as the driver in question pulls their way into the parking lot here and before we know it, things are really spiraling out of control, just snowballing into a situation that really got a lot bigger than anybody thought that trying to park the car could evolve to. It really just would appear as if the person behind the wheel here was having a pretty bad day as everything just seemed to go out of their favor from the very second that they decided to navigate into this parking lot and attempt to make a spot for their Volkswagen.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch the security camera footage as it captures the moment, really showing us how badly somebody can mess up something as simple as parking a car if the situation gets away from them. When all is said and done, it looks like the collateral damage started at but wasn’t limited to a couple of parked cars, the car that the driver was behind the wheel of, and even maybe the structure adjacent to the parking lot that the Volkswagen would plow straight into.


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