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Theres Only 148 Miles On This 1997 McLaren F1 And It’s For Sale; Can You Say Rare?

Sometimes the high end enthusiasts out there get the opportunity to own a true unicorn, a ultra-low mileage ride that still looks and feels like it should be sitting on a showroom somewhere. This is one of those opportunities, and the enthusiasts that want to snatch up this ride for their collection better bring the pennies. The closest example of a McLaren F1 in this condition sold for a heft $12,500,000 and it had more miles than on it.

The car has a just 148 miles on the clock, all of which were put on the chassis while McLaren still had possession of the car for pre-delivery testing and hasn’t been driven at all by the current owner. The car also comes with all of the factory accessories, some of where were listed on the auction website prior to the big sale. Just to name a few:

“Furthermore it is totally complete with its leather-cased owners handbooks, the Facom tool chest, tool roll with its original gold-plated titanium tools, full luggage set still in factory protective wrapping, spare keys plus the ultra-rare commemorative TAG Heuer watch with the chassis number engraved on the face (completely unused).”

The car was also ordered with the spare LM-style exhaust, a spare steering wheel, a carbon fiber driver’s seat, which features yellow insert straps. The car also has the signature of it’s designer, Gordon Murray, painted on the right hand rear of the car.

With so few miles and the full complement of amazing accessories, all in basically brand new condition, this McLaren should easily sell for more than the $12.5 million brought by the one below. It wouldn’t surprise us at all to see this thing skyrocket out of the teens and sell for over $20 Millon when the dust has settled following the auction.

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