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These Are The Most Powerful Chainsaws Ever Modified! Did one Have a Turbo?

You know what they say, there are definitely different strokes for different folks and this time, we check out a hobby that might be a niche but when you get your eyes fixed on this competition, you’ll definitely be wondering why it’s not more popular. There’s just something so raw about seeing these chainsaws slice through the wood like a hot knife through butter that makes you want to watch more. I never thought that I would find myself saying that a chainsaw competition was interesting, but when you throw a V8 engine into the mix, opinions happen to change just a little bit.

Sure, this kind of competition might be a little bit on the redneck side but let’s face it, redneck shenanigans like this have always been a lot of fun to watch unfold. These guys are really going to another level here, constructing machines that need to be lifted by two people but take just seconds to slice through wood that’s thicker than what you would ever think to be possible with that kind of cutting speed. I’m not sure who originally thought this up, but we have to give them a big thank you because watching a competition like this is just too good to pass up. These guys really go all out to make sure that their machines are better than the next guy over and with such intense competition, there’s really some compelling stuff to sink your teeth into here.

Follow along with these sizzling hot competitions down in the video below that puts chainsaws to use in ways like you never thought to be possible. After laying your eyes on this obscure matchup, be sure to tell us what you think about these professional chainsawing competitions. Do you think that you would ever find yourself heading out to watch one of these things live? I think that there’s definitely enough novelty here to check one out for yourself for at least a couple of hours.

V8 powered chain saw??? Repost from @bigredcowboyhat

Posted by Jerry Zaiden on Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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