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These are the tools you need to make carbon fiber

Even though some mechanically inclined folks seem to really have their stuff together, one of the most beautiful parts of the hobby of wrenching is that even though you might be well-rounded and thoroughly informed on the subject matter, there is always more that you can learn about the tools and processes that make wonders happen out in the garage or shop.

This time, we ride along on a learning journey and trust me it isn’t as boring as it sounds. Learning these days about things like this are a lot more interesting than the crap that they tried to pound into your head back in high school.

This time, we check out what’s tools are used and necessary in the application of creating different kinds of carbon fiber. If you are looking for a lightweight and attractive alternative to fiberglass, this is your way to go and this video will describe how you get there.

Check out the video below to see how it’s all done. It isn’t too often that you get to dive into processes like this as most of the time, carbon fiber parts are just delivered as finished products.