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These Brutal FULL THROTTLE Downshifts Have to Hurt

For most of us to have been driving a stick shift for some amount of time, we have been in a situation where we’re driving along and accidentally flip our car into the wrong gear. It is what it is and stuff happens but most of the time it doesn’t have dire consequences.

In this video, we ride along with the action as a collection of super modified Hondas that are said to be quite fast with some of them managing 8-second passes hurl themselves down the drag strip and end up jamming their way into the wrong gear but instead of upshifting at full throttle, a swift downshift would paint a painful picture.

You see, when downshifting, your wheel speed needs to be drastically decreased before throwing the gear and if it isn’t, well, the transmission will do the job of decreasing your wheel speed for you all at once whether you’re ready for it or not. When this happens with front wheel drive cars that are clad with racing slicks, a sudden stoppie might just occur that sends the rear of the car flying into the air!

Check out the video below that showcases a whole variety of these acts that, in some cases, look like they got pretty devastatingly catastrophic in terms of parts that were destroyed in the action.