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These Guys Restore Vintage Hot Wheels, 1968 Python Full Restoration!

It was only recently that we discovered Hot Wheels restoration was an actual thing, but in the time since, we’ve seen some amazing transformations of these miniature hotrods that likely played a role in almost every single gearhead falling in love with this industry. This particular YouTuber, baremetalHW, makes some of the best videos on the topic, and we have another of his clips for you today.

BaremetalHW does an outstanding job of walking through the processes he uses to restore our favorite toy cars to their original condition. he completely disassembles the entire car, then carefully begins to restore each piece one step at a time. He gives the body itself – in dire need of some TLC – a compete makeover, polishing it to a great finish, an amazing feat considering the shape it was in when he started.

From there, a nice coat of paint gives the car a great maroon color, then some clear coat finishes the bodywork on the car. He tells that he dipped the windshield in clear acrylic to fill in most of the scratches and give it a nice, new looking appearance that certainly looks much better that it did when he took the car apart. With a little love shown to the base itself and a new set of redline wheels, the car is ready for reassembly. With the Python fully reassembled, you can tell just how great these restorations are, with just a few bucks in the job and a little elbow grease and know-how all that are required to get the job done.

BaremetalHW also offers some great advice on cutting cost of restoring these less valuable Hot Wheels to like-new original condition, making them great additions to any collection no matter what shape they are in when you find them. With just a little bit of work and a few parts, you can restore any Hot Wheels car to like-new condition.

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