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These guys slapped a lawnmower on a dyno

If you just spent all day and night working your fingers to the bone in order to get your shop’s dyno in the ground, what would be the first car that you would hit the rollers with to test out exactly how it works?

Well, given the fact that we are looking at a muscle car shop here, you would probably think that the first candidate would be some sort of v8 powered machine if not one that is hooked up with a turbo, nitrous, or maybe even a supercharger.

Instead, this dyno run would be something completely different and even though it was something that doesn’t make much power it would probably end up being much more memorable as the guys strapped down a lawnmower after a long day of work to finally see the fruits of their labor come to life.

Watch the video below as everyone gathers around the machine to see exactly how much power this riding mower will lay down on the rollers. It seems like everyone was way more interested in seeing how the lawn mower performed as opposed to the cars that came after it!