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These guys stuffed a Ferrari 458 engine in a new Toyota GT86

When it comes down to finding the right source of power to get the job done, whether that job be making tons of power with efficiency, coming up with the right combination for a budget build, or just being an all-out cool swap, there are plenty of options to go with.

While most of the time platforms will use the same couple of combinations, This time we check it out an engine swap that is probably unlike any that have ever followed before it. It might not be conventional in the slightest but that might just be what gives it that cool factor that’s hard to match.

Instead of going with a conventional Japanese engine or even some sort of American v8 swap, these guys have taken it upon themselves to take a new Toyota AE86 and cram a Ferrari engine in it. The result was definitely something that will make you do a double-take.

Check out the video below that shows the results of such a swap as it gets fired up and shoots flames out of the exhaust. Something like this feels like it could be an inspiration to others who are looking to drum up something that’s one of a kind for themselves.