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These Homemade Snowmobiles for Kids Look a Bit Dangerous

When it comes to fun in the snow, all you need to get started is a flat piece of plastic, like a garbage can lid, to have hours of fun. If you live where snow is a constant, though, you’re going to get bored with that eventually and want something a little more dynamic to pass the time in the soft stuff.

Who says you have to buy something already built? Not these people, that’s for sure. This video is six minutes of pure homemade snow-busting awesomeness! These machines are all relatively simple builds, relying on chainsaw engines or other small motors to provide power to tracks and tires to send the kiddos trouncing and bouncing through the snow. Some of them look to be pretty tame as far as speeds, while others look to be just fast enough to hurt if you take a tumble. However, they ALL look like tons of fun, and way better than some silly sled.

Check out these creative ride-ons and see if you could build something similar. If so, maybe we’ll see your creation on YouTube someday!

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