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These Isle of Man 160MPH Fly Bys Will Blow Your Mind

If you aren’t really into racing, you haven’t seen speeds too far over at 100 mph. Even if you are a part of some sort of racing, speeds of 160 mph like we see in this video are still pretty darn fast and not something that a lot of casual racers will experience in their lifetime, either.

Now, just imagine speeds of that magnitude when the car is taken out from around you and you no longer have that wall of protection available as you ride along on two wheels, blasting to speeds that are honestly mindnumbing.

This time, that’s exactly the case as we get the chance to sit track side and watch competitors at the Isle of Man TT as they blast by at speeds amounting to north of 160 mph. It really is a pleasure to stand by and watch these guys do what they do best with such confidence that you can’t help but admire.

Check out the footage down below as these racers ripped around a turn at speeds that have to be incredibly liberating and are definitely a ton of fun to watch. Would you be daring enough to hop on one of these powerhouses and go for a 160 mph spin?

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