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These Little Drag RC Cars Are Insanely Fast!

Just like in any other form of competition, those who come together and attempt to drag race remote control cars have a fire burning inside of them that needs to climb to the top of the pack. With such healthy competition behind the hobby, these enthusiasts have really made their machines rocket to levels that not too many would believe unless they saw the cars in action for themselves. In short, these little monsters rock!

In this one, we check out an incredibly detailed display that pretty much imitates a real-life drag racing scenario. In this setup, we have a pair of shrunken down drag rails and even a Christmas tree that will drop down with several yellows before hitting green and indicating to these racers that it’s time to quit the talking and get down to racing! What happens next after the light turns green might just leave your jaw on the floor if you have never seen this kind of racing go down before.

As we ride along down the video below, you get to see the action trackside as these small but potent creations scream to life, accelerating to speeds topping 100 mph. I’m not exactly sure if these were the fastest remote control cars on the scene that day, but anything that small that is accelerating at those kinds of speeds is impressive to us! When you put it in perspective, that’s more speed than most cars see you on the highway on a regular basis.

See these machines going at it for yourself down in the video below that puts you in the thick of things when these enthusiasts get to show off what all of their hard work was able to accomplish. I would be willing to bet that these guys and girls spend tons of long hours wrenching on their machines to get them ready for race day and beat out the rest of the competition.

Holy Crap those little cars are insane!

Posted by Classics Daily on Tuesday, May 16, 2017


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