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These Wild Engine Swaps will Leave you Wondering How they Fit

The beauty of the engine swap is that it doesn’t really have to make sense or, it could. All of that is up to you depending on whether you want to make something fast, something cool, or something this is so insanely off-the-wall that will guarantee to make everybody stop and stare for just a moment.

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This time, we check out a video takes the liberty of compiling some of the most unlikely engine swaps from around the community that have taken up the art of putting together a variety of obscure combinations that will make just about anybody wonder how they crammed all that in there. Sure, there might be plenty of support out there for your conventional LS or modular swap but some of these swaps probably required some creativity and massive amounts of shoehorning to get everything in place.

From a massive V10 out of a Dodge Viper that has been crammed under the hood of a Honda S2000 all the way to the likes of a turbo VW Golf engine that has made its way into a go-kart, this collection of unique constructions has really shown us what’s possible if you try to push those limits of the norm just a little bit beyond what’s comfortable and what everyone else says is popular.

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Check out the video below that might just get the gears in your head turning to the tune of all the new possibilities. If you can think up absolutely any obscure engine and car combination in the world, what would be the most bonkers concoction that you could possibly come up with?