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They Put a 1370HP Military Jet Turbine Into a 23 Foot Aluminum Jet Boat… INSANE

If you thought of going fast as being limited to an addiction that happens on land, well, allow us to introduce you to the other side in the world of water where people have an equally sizable urge to go as fast as they can. Just like in the world of wheels, the world of boats definitely boasts a variety of power sources to get to this common goal. Lots of times, you’ll even see engines like what you’ll see in cars as they have been plucked out of various machines and slapped in the boats to make them go as quick as humanly possible.

If you’ve yet to see something like this, you have to check out this compilation of boats with awesome car engines.

This time, however, the power source in question doesn’t necessarily come from a car but instead, is sourced from a US Army helicopter turbine.

“Squirt 2 will be our second turbine jet boat. We will be using a surplus US Air Force helicopter turbine and speed decreaser gear-box (SDG) and a specially designed billet jet pump.” –NYE.ca

If you have a picture in your head of how insane something like this would be, to be completely honest with you, the reality definitely lives up to those expectations and maybe even goes a little bit further, at least in my personal opinion. Sometimes, if you hear something that sounds this awesome and picture it in your head, sometimes, you might be let down by the real deal itself but this certainly is not one of those situations.

The people behind the machine tells us that “It weighs 350 lbs and produces 1,370 hp @ 6000 rpm. That’s about 1,200lbs-ft of torque,” which, in short, means that this machine is absolutely going to rip across the surface of the water and provide insane thrills for whoever finds themselves behind the wheel. If you want to experience what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a machine like this for yourself, all that you have to do is tune in to the video below.