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Thieves Target Woman While Parking…They Never Knew She Was an MMA Fighter

Ladies, pay attention. While most of the time it’s safer to give up your purse and not risk your life if you find yourself being robbed, but if you just happen to have a background in MMA, then there may be another way of handling the situation. As you can see in the video below, guys don’t always have the upper hand.

This young lady steps out of her Prius and is immediately faced with a would-be thief trying to snatch her purse and run. With an accomplice waiting nearby on an idling motorcycle, this should be over in a matter of seconds. However, what these thieves didn’t count on was the girl fighting back, but that’s exactly what she did and it’s quite a sight to see!

The woman first clings to her handbag for dear life, engaged in a tug-of-war for the purse. Then her training kicks in and she starts to kick butt, delivering a series of knee lifts to the thief’s ribs. If you’ve ever been hit in the ribs, you know how badly it hurts. And these aren’t just casual blows, these are powerful shots that could easily break ribs. After falling to the ground, obviously shocked by the “victim’s” response, the attacker finds himself at her mercy, and she’s showing him none, delivering blow after blow to the seemingly defenseless man.

Only after the accomplice comes in and helps does the woman relent, retreating back toward her car while the attackers flee to their getaway ride. While her adrenaline was certainly pumping, you can see from the woman’s body language that she was still scared, though she handled the situation amazingly well. You can bet those guys will have this in the back of their minds if they ever try to rob anybody else!