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Thieves use a giant forklift to steal an ATM

When it comes to some of the measures that thieves go to in order to steal property that doesn’t belong to them, you’re left to think about what would happen if they took that energy and brainpower and applied it to something that was actually creative.

This time, the criminals at hand got so intensely creative that had that energy be applied to something for good, they probably could have come up with just as much money if not more and wouldn’t have had to break the law and risk going to jail to get there.

In this one, we watch as the criminals at hand use a giant forklift with the aim of stealing an ATM machine. From what we’re told, the equipment was also stolen and after the thieves knocked the ATM over, they loaded it up into the back of a U-Haul truck and took off, leaving the stolen equipment on the spot.

Check out the video as the security camera captures the incident when these guys come in hot and literally knock over this ATM with the attempt of going home with a little bit more cash than they started out with.

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