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Third Gen Camaro Repo, Owner Is Not Happy!

Third Gen Camaro Repo Goes Horribly Wrong!

The best method to keep the repossession tow truck away from your car is, well, to make your payments on time to keep the bank that still owns the car happy. They do, after all, have the right to come take it back if you choose to do otherwise.

For the owner of this third-generation Chevrolet Camaro, that simply wasn’t the case. He instead decided that attempting to decommission the car while it was on the wrecker would be a better route.

Check out the video below as this dude does everything in his power, outside of making payments, to hang on to his ride. What do you think of the way that this situation was handled? This situation really got ugly in a hurry!

Watch as this guy drives his Jeep straight off of the back of a tow truck.


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