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This $1,000,000+ luxury RV is Nicer Than your Home

In the recreational vehicle world, there is luxury, and then there’s THIS! This RV, a concept that recently debuted at the CES show in Las Vegas, is bordering on absurdity in its opulence, featuring some over-the-top features never before seen in the RV world.

From the fully-featured kitchen to the monster 75″ television and the sauna, the Furrion Elysium concept is dripping with fancy, and if all of that weren’t enough, it features a hot tub on the roof, which also just happens to house the helipad, complete with a Robinson 22 Helicopter. That’s right, this RV functions as a mobile spy center. The helipad even stows down into the bedroom at the rear of the motor coach while in transport, showcasing just how well built and functional modern RV’s can be.

It’s not likely to go into production as seen in this concept, as most concepts are designed to show what could be done, not necessarily what will become the norm, but just to see these ideas being tossed around shows you what could be coming down the pipe in the luxury RV world, and it’s really, really cool!