This 300 HP 50mph Pontoon Boat is The Perfect Party Barge!

Motorsports come in all different shapes and forms. You can be traditional, having a ...

Motorsports come in all different shapes and forms. You can be traditional, having a fast car or motorcycle, you could take the party off-roading, or you could even take the power out on the water, skimming around in a quick little boat. This time, we check out what’s not only a pretty quick pontoon boat but also one that stretches out what it means to be a party barge. This thing is not only a beast in the water, making 300 mph but It’s also fitted with all sorts of different little luxuries that make it as convenient of a vessel that it can be if partying out on the water is your forte.

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In this one, we really get to dive into what a boat like this is all about as Matt Farrah takes it upon himself to feature the boat on an episode of the Smoking Tire, giving us his insight on exactly what it means to experience something a little bit different like this. Normally, he’s all about taking the fastest and most off-the-wall cars in the world and putting them up against the variety of challenges, however, this time, it’s not a car at all that he’s looking at dissecting, piece by piece. Instead, we would venture to say that it’s something a little bit more off the beaten path in terms of what you can expect to see on his show.

Follow along with the video down below that shows off this party barge that can reach speeds of 50mph while showing you the time of your life. When you’re out and about on the lake for the day, 50 mph is probably more than you will ever need to go take it to whatever island is next on your day of tropical fun. Does this machine look like something that you would invest in to tear across the water with a couple of your closest buddies?

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