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This 4,000+hp twin-turbo big block Chevy is a monster!

Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines has a long-established reputation for building some huge horsepower in his Muskegon, MI-based shop. Morris relies on his many years of experience and a highly-trained staff to provide SME clients with engines that churn out mind-blowing power numbers while remaining reliable and durable. Any gearhead knows that’s not an easy combination to achieve.

This particular bullet is destined for New Zealand where owner Karl Chamberlin will be stoked to have 4.000 horsepower on tap in his hotrod. The engine, a five-inch bore space setup that is strapped to a pair of Bullseye Power 98mm turbochargers. The combo is good for 4,002 horsepower and nearly 3,000 ft/lbs of torque on race gas. Equally impressive is the fact that on pump gas and a very safe twenty pounds of boost, the engine pumps out almost 3,000 horsepower! That’s approximately 10 times more horsepower than your average daily driver, in a setup that could be used to drive daily!

It’s a safe bet that, somewhere in New Zealand, one Mr. Chamberlin is giddy with excitement at the prospect to dropping this monster into his car and hitting the streets with gobs of horsepower at the end of his throttle cable! Lucky guy, that Karl!