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This ’72 Ford F-250 is Carbon Fiber From Bumper to Bumper

Back in 1972, pickup trucks were made to do one thing and one thing only – get the job done. They weren’t built to be stylish or comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. They were built to be a box with a bed that could get your goodies to wherever they needed to go.

50 years later and society has reimagined the way that we interact with our pickup trucks. Fast forward to 2022 when we ask a lot of our trucks. Some owners ask for them to go fast while others ask for the trucks to be comfortable. Sometimes, pickup truck owners might even want both or ask for other things from their ride.

This time, we check in with a custom shop that took a dive into an old school Ford F-250 and completely reimagined the truck from the ground up. The idea this time was to take the classic and give it a modern twist with some wicked carbon fiber work. Essentially, the idea started when the guys from Brothers Composites needed a little something to show off their work so they picked a platform and started to build.


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The video below from Ford Era catches up with the builders who tell us all about how exactly a truck like this comes together. The creators talk about getting the right truck to create molds and how they designed everything from the bed all the way to challenging pieces like the bumpers.

At the end of the day, not only does this truck have an incredibly cool look with the carbon fiber finish. It also has a little bit of a twist as some of the details have been changed up just a little bit to help the truck look just a touch more modern. The creator says that they wanted to keep it original but still managed to clean up some spots that they think makes this classic even better and a heck of a lot lighter.