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This 800 hp Coyote Powered Ford Model A on LeMans Wheels is Downright Insane

When Mike Burroughs set out to build a custom hot rod based on a Ford Model A, he says that the idea was to build something that nobody else has really ever seen before. Once we take a look over the finished product, we certainly have to admit that this truck fits that concept rather well. In fact, we would venture to think that after glancing over the machine, most onlookers would have more questions than anything – that’s just how different this thing is.

On the surface, the truck calls itself a Ford Model A. However, we don’t think it exactly takes an engineer to figure out that there isn’t very much on board that has been retained from the truck listed on the title. Instead, from top to bottom, Burroughs seems to have replaced just about everything. This includes the likes of the wheels pulled off of a LeMans car and the Coyote powerplant, keeping it brand loyal, that resides in the engine bay.

Long story short, this is actually a rare instance where we see a completely unique thought in the automotive community. We aren’t knocking people who pick up other concepts from outside of their own minds. I’m sure if you really tried, you could probably file this build into some sort of rat rod category as well. However, this is about as far off of the roadmap as one could possibly get when it comes to building their own custom hot rod.

By following along with the Hoonigan video below, we get to see the machine that really pops. Oh yeah, in addition to looking good, this machine is going to perform as well. From what we’re told, it supports 800 hp and only weighs in at 2200 pounds. For those who still need a dictionary, that’s definitely a power to weight ratio that guarantees a good time behind the wheel.

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