This Airbnb Has its Own Race Track

When it comes to picking out an Airbnb, usually, it’s going to come down to how ...

When it comes to picking out an Airbnb, usually, it’s going to come down to how much it costs and how many people can stay there along with how clean it appears to be and where it’s located. Beyond that, most properties listed on the site are akin to hotels. It might be a more affordable option to get something a bit nicer than a hotel, though.

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However, there is a section of Airbnb where things tend to get a little bit wild every now and then. These homes aren’t exactly your typical place just to leave your suitcase and sleep at night. Oh no, these facilities provide a little bit of extra bang for your buck in a variety of different ways.

This time, that “bang for your buck” comes in the form of an entire race track. In fact, this place looks like a gear head’s fun-having compound. That’s right, folks who decide to rent out “Little Talladega” will not only have access to a pretty nice house and a pool. They will also have access to a race track and a 10,000 square-foot shop as well. This place even has side-by-side trails and a selection of go-karts to use on the track as well… talk about an all-inclusive resort!

In this one, YouTube creator, Taylor Ray gives us a tour of the rental house and all of the features that make it so special.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with the Airbnb that you’re definitely going to want to check out should you so happen to be in Missouri. Most of the time, these places are simply a place to sleep but little Talladega has so much more to offer. In fact, this compound might just be a vacation in and of itself.

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