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This Chevy Colorado is Modified to the MAX! Insane Offroad Build!

No matter what the application, when you see somebody who is skilled at fabricating who has a vision and makes that vision come to life, it’s incredibly awesome to watch the process unfold in front of your eyes. This time, that process just so happens to revolve around a brand-new Chevrolet Colorado.

Now, this isn’t just any regular old build with a brand-new pickup truck like you might expect to be fitted with a lift kit and maybe some lights and wheels but instead, these guys take the opportunity to rip the new truck apart, piece by piece, completely reconfiguring everything and fabricating a lot of pieces on the way to making this thing a nearly unrecognizable version of its former self.

From head to toe, this thing is pretty much fully custom from the Roadster Shop chassis and long travel suspension to the 9-inch rear end, 4L80e transmission, and 730 hp LS7 that sits under the hood, aided by a Wegner dry sump system and FAST intake.

The video below will take you inside of the full transformation that took this thing from what appeared to be showroom stock all the way to one of the most insane off-road builds that you will see. It really takes some guts to cut up a truck like that but when you see the end product, you know that it was more than worth it!



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