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This Chopped and Bagged Twin Turbo Diesel 89 Chevy Truck is SICK!

Every once in a while, you come across that car or truck that makes everyone around stop and stare, admiring all of the time and effort that the person or people behind it invested to make it grow to this sort of show-stopping machine that it has managed to become. This time, I think that we might have come across just that machine in an insane custom 1989 Chevrolet half ton pickup truck that is fitted with something pretty insane under the hood and a whole slew of other custom parts all around to really bring the picture together.

It looks like the guy behind this thing really had a specific vision in mind and definitely carried it out as he stuffed a 453 Detroit Diesel under the hood to crank out some major juice as it’s aided by a custom twin turbo set up and 20-speed Quadruplex transmission to get all of that power in motion. It might be a heavy old pickup truck, but I bet that the 900 ft-lb of torque really makes this thing feel somewhat nimble on its feet as whoever happens to be behind the wheel at the time mashes the throttle and really lets the boost flow!

Check out the video below as coal is rolled through this sweet setup that has a lot in store for you to look at. There are tons of small things that you need to pay close attention to in order to truly appreciate and a couple of big things that will really pop out at you like the pair of freighter horns stuffed in the back that are capable of making a ton of noise! After watching this one, be sure to tell us which of these details you find to be the most interesting on this truck that really manages to provide a lot of POP!