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This Container Ship Taking a 40 Degree Roll in the North Atlantic Looks Sketchy!

For those who make their living on the open ocean, even when they have had some time on the job, I would venture that situations like this are a lot to get used to if you ever get used to them at all. I’m not so sure that there is really a way to get used to about rocking back and forth at such an extreme rate.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, this time, we ride along with a container ship that seems to have hit some rough seas. As a result, the boat continues to sway back and forth, tipping to a 40° angle as the crew fights to keep it moving forward in this less than desirable weather out at sea.

It might not seem like much to them as they have been through this before, I’m sure, but to those of us standing on solid ground, it can seem like a pretty treacherous situation to handle. If you easily get seasick, I wouldn’t dare to watch this video but if you’re brave enough, you can check it out down below!


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