This Could Perhaps be the Largest Racing Memorabilia Collection Owned by One Individual

For many of us who fall into the trap of spending a ton of money on our cars and ...

For many of us who fall into the trap of spending a ton of money on our cars and trucks, we also fall into the trap of memorabilia. There’s just something so cool about these miniature creations that are either representative of their bigger counterparts or pieces of their bigger counterparts. From diecast to old fenders from cars used in races to all sorts of other odds and ends, there are really some cool creations out there.

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This time, we get to join in with a man cave of one individual who has quite the collection. It seems as if this room is wall-to-wall, covered with everything cool that has wheels on it. This means NASCAR diecast and other toys all the way up to slicks used in actual NASCAR races. There are even a couple of real cars to top it off as well. However, it’s pretty easy to be wowed just by the memorabilia section of this collection alone.

Uncle Tony’s Garage hosts the action as we get a tour of the massive collection that seems to be more toys than one could ever want or need. In the video, we get to go through a good portion of the collection. However, observing this one in detail is certainly a task that would take quite the amount of time to be able to achieve.

By following along with the video below, viewers will be treated to a tour of a whole lot of toys that they might want to get their hands on. We have to warn you here, though, because once you start buying these things, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to stop. Some folks just start their collection and simply need to have it all!

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