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This Dodge Charger Hellcat is Your Worst Nightmare

We ran across this car on the Mod2Fame Vlog YouTube channel and couldn’t wait to share this insane build with you guys! Channel host Stefan caught up with Greg, who built this insane Hellcat Charger into one of the most attention grabbing rides we’ve seen in a while.

Because we know our people, we’re going to address the push bar first so y’all haters can go ahead and go somewhere with your comments. Ever since the first Transformers movie came out, Greg has had a thing for push bars. If you remember, the police-themed Decepticon Barricade was a late model Mustang with a push bar and red and blue strobes. That look struck a chord with Greg and he has had four Chargers in the past decade, each with a push bar on the front. This one is mostly for looks, weighing in at just forty pounds thanks to its aluminum construction. It’s a unique look with a great reason behind it, so we’re giving Greg the thumbs-up!

Now that we handled that, we’ll move on to the rest of the build. The first thing that jumps out at you is the gorgeous matte chrome red wrap, giving the car an insane pop in a color we’ve never seen before. Tucked neatly in the fender wells, a set of 22” factory Viper reproduction wheels that give the car a ton of style while keeping with the home-team Mopar look. You’ll notice as well in different shots that the stance changes thanks to the air ride suspension.

All of these mods, along with the custom exhaust and strobe lights combine to give this car a truly unique look and feel. With a few more mods planned, mostly under the hood, Greg continues to evolve his ride into his vision, and thanks to Stefan and his young-but-growing channel, we have some awesome footage for you, including a great ride-along and some close ups of the car and all it’s details.