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This Driver Takes Road Rage To The Next Level…

Whenever a situation involving road rage comes about, we generally recommend that you attempt to avoid being “that guy” when possible. Even if you somehow manage to come up with a solution that will temporarily make you feel victorious out on the roadways, in the long haul, it’s probably almost never worth it. However, no matter how thorough and to the point your reasoning might be to not go out there and engage in road rage, I don’t think that any amount of convincing would have this guy changing his actions.

Now, I’m going to tell you up front that this individual really took the concept of road rage to a new level entirely and in an age of hyperbole on the internet, you’ll probably brush it off. However, when you see exactly what we’re talking about here, you just might need to pick your jaw up off of the floor after seeing his actions.

This guy really took the concept and kind of made it his own, escalating things to a level that I personally absolutely never thought I would ever see. It’s pretty intense, the way that this individual absolutely freaks out after what looks to be some sort of accident.

If you follow along below, you’ll be able to join in on the situation as somebody began to film when this road rager decided to take his SUV and plow, full throttle, into the side of another vehicle that was sitting in the middle of an intersection before hopping on top of it and completely destroying what was left. From what we’ve learned here, nobody really knows what led up to this series of odd events or why exactly this guy ended up getting as angry as he did but, the police showed up in the nick of time to be able to subdue the man and get everything sorted out.


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