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This Fiery Diesel Dyno Explosion Might be the Most Catastrophic Ever Recorded

Sometimes, trying to squeeze out just a little bit extra horsepower can end with a lot of carnage and destruction. Everyone who has ever built an engine has been tasked with figuring out that happy medium. We would all like to push our combinations to the limits here in the performance world. However, there certainly comes a point in time where our engines or other mechanical components can begin to push back.

On this particular outing, it seemed as if everything was going well. In fact, the truck in question, a Dodge Ram built by Utah-based truck builder, Industrial Injection, had just set a record. Previously, the truck laid down a clean dyno pull, creating 2920 horsepower. That was good enough to claim what’s believed to be a record for the 48re transmission horsepower record on a chassis dyno.

Just moments later, though, things would go awry. With shop owner, Shawn Baca, behind the wheel, The next pass would end in pure catastrophe. This is the type of happening that we don’t quite often see. Most of the time, when we think of the worst-case scenario, it’s generally a rod flying through the side of the engine block. When going for big power, things like these are to be expected. However, the Industrial Injection crew really gave new meaning to “If you’re going to break it, make sure you do it right.”

The sight would be rather incredible as the Cummins powered truck accelerated on the dyno. Before we know it, the engine is letting loose and exploding in a massive ball of fire. The engine even managed to dismount, flying into the air as parts went absolutely everywhere. Long story short, we may have never seen such a destructive outing before.

The failure was said to be due to a diesel runaway. In such a situation, a diesel engine will accelerate out of control until someone manually stops it. When combined with nearly 3000 horsepower, it’s easy to see how that could end up being a pressure cooker.

Everybody on the scene was able to walk away. From what we understand, there were some people shaken up and some with minor injuries. Photo credit – Daily Driven Performance

Play by play of Industrial Injection Diesel Performances and Shawn Baca's Master Shredder explosion here at Edge…

Posted by Daily Driven Performance on Saturday, September 19, 2020


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