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This fire breathing GTR has the craziest exhaust system we have ever heard! Loud backfires!

There’s badass, and then there’s BADASS. Our gearhead brethren at Hyrax Media Group have put together a montage packed full of BADASS, and we are stoked to bring it to you, our loyal fans! The Hyrax team – the east coast’s premier montage creators – took a spin to and through NYC with @srtlifeshaq and his wicked GTR to light up the night quite literally with huge fireball after huge fireball. The custom exhaust on this highly modified GTR must have some black magic in the piping because it had passers-by under a spell while cruising around the Big Apple.

Also making an appearance in the montage in Hyrax’s own TMINUS in his gorgeous Porsche GT3, adding a healthy dose German flair to compliment the Nissan taking center stage. TMINUS’ ride is riding on a set of Fifteen52 wheels, sporting a fresh rose gold powdercoat finish courtesy of Jamaica Queens’ Intrack Tires for a truly unique look. This gorgeous tandem was definitely drawing tons of attention from the New Yorkers they encountered.

As impressive as the cars themselves – and that’s saying a lot – is the fact that Hyrax Media Group shot, edited, and published this montage in a single day. For anybody who has done even the most basic video production, you understand how impressive that is. To produce a video this polished and intense in a single day is nothing short of heroic, and that’s why Hyrax is the first name in montage production on the eastern seaboard.


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