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This fully mechanical car lift is genius – “Mini Lift 2500”

When it comes to working on a car, there are always a ton of variables that could make your experience a lot more comfortable or a lot less comfortable. One of the main aspects would have to be the amount of clearance underneath of the car or truck when you’re fidgeting around with the workings underneath of the vehicle.

Now, obviously, the most convenient way to work on a car or truck would be to get a two post lift to hoist the entire thing into the air and give you plenty of space to tool around. However, as you probably are aware, not everyone’s bank account or garage space really allows for such a venture.

In a reaction to this idea, there are a lot of companies out there that have put different mechanisms on the market in an attempt to make the consumer happy in a more affordable way that takes up less space. With those goals in mind, the “Mini Lift 2500” was born.

Check out the video below that shows off of the convenient lift that lays flat and promises a maximum capacity of 2.5 tons, enough to lift up almost any car and even some smaller trucks. Would you trust this lift to keep your car in the air while you’re climbing underneath of it?

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