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This genius machine replaces railway rails and sleepers with ease

Because it is such an old technology, materials used in processes that are involved in working on the railroad have been developed time after time over the years.

This time, we check out a process as a machine goes along the railroad and all with one extending arm is able to replace the rails and the sleepers to bring this old track back up to date.

It almost makes it look effortless as the machine trudges along, picking up heavy parts and burrowing them down under the tracks. Just imagine how the guys who originally constructed railroads had to put them together. They would be so incredibly grateful to have a machine like this!

Check out the process down in the video below that shows how the crew heads out to make sure that railroads are safe and functional for all to use. For some reason, we get a feeling that all of these workloads will be carried out by a robot one day.


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