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This “Go Anywhere” Boat is Packing 550+ Lbs of Torque!

This boat can do it all, and looks pretty badass while doing it. Metal Shark built this small boat to go anywhere, and the vessel, known as the Swamp Shark, certainly does just that. Not only does it shred open water at 50+ knots, it can plow through dense vegetation and even run across mud with no problems.

As you can see in the video below, the 270 HP Diesel engine gives the Swamp Shark more than enough power to push through the thick muck and floating plant life in the swamps of Louisiana, some of the toughest terrain in the country. They chose the Louisiana back country to prove just how capable the boat is, and it came through like a champ.

Watch as they drive the Swamp Shark up into the mud and even through a small grove of trees, the boat not missing a beat as it powers through. A big part of the resilience is the tough metal hull and the robust prop system that we built with a focus on durability in harsh environments.

Not only does the boat power through the toughest of dense growth, it is highly maneuverable and has plenty of top end too. Designed for military use, the Swamp Shark has to be able to withstand the rigors of life in the military around the world, and this thing certainly appears to be up to the task. It’s certainly versatile, maneuverable and powerful, just like our military, so the fit seems to be perfect for duty on the front line.

Just hit the play button below and check out this awesome video showing off the capabilities of the Swamp Shark as it plows through the swamps of the southeastern US.