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This GTO Has The Craziest Shifter You’ll Ever See In A Muscle Car

The world of automotive modification is truly a vast one that can take you for all kinds of different twists and turns. No matter what car is in question, you never know what kind of custom work somebody’s going to come up with to make it different than the rest of the pack. Sure, on the outside, this 2006 Pontiac GTO might look like others that you have seen before, however, when you come inside, where you would normally find a stock shifter, sits something very different from anything that you’ve ever seen in any other GTO before.

At first, you might think that it looks like something that you’ve seen in a semi truck! However, as we get deeper into it, the owner explains to us what the shifter is all about. Basically, he says that he wanted to add another dimension to this GTO that he wouldn’t be racing much anymore so therefore, in order to make it more fun to drive, he would throw in what’s known as a “Kilduff shifter.” Basically, it allows him to operate as an automatic transmission and also gives the driver the ability to shift gears. It isn’t necessarily a full blown stick shift but could prove to be more fun than an automatic as well.
The owner says that he ended up doing it because he pretty much wanted to just try something different as far shifters go.

He says that, when it comes to functionality, it’s really not that great if you want to go fast, however, if you’re looking for something fun to drive on the street, banging gears in something like this could be a great time. In addition, he says that you could just throw it into the automatic mode for any sort of aggressive driving where you want to be consistent. After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us if you have ever seen anything like this and what you think of this custom shifter setup that really gives this GTO a little bit of a twist.

2006 GTO with Kilduff Shifter

2006 GTO with Kilduff Shifter

Posted by VIP Auto Trading on Thursday, May 31, 2018


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