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This Guy Crammed an Insane Amount of Speakers all in a Pickup Truck

For anyone who is into making their sound system bump or even those who have ever looked into getting a clean sound from a couple of aftermarket speakers in their truck, they probably found that there isn’t very much room to do anything in a pickup. While these trucks are all about versatility and carrying as much as the bed as possible, it turns out that the cab doesn’t share that philosophy.

This time, however, we find out that where there’s a will, there’s a way and this pickup owner decided that he was going to stuff his Chevrolet Silverado full of speakers! It turns out that he did a pretty good job of getting there and making the most out of the space that was available to him.

If you follow the world of car audio, you know that Jonathan Price is a pretty prominent figure in that community and this time, he heads to the scene to check out the truck firsthand and see what he thinks of how it all came together for the person behind the build.

Check out the video below that showcases the sound system that really has some bump, enough so to get the JP seal of approval. This thing might not be the loudest machine out there but, at the end of the day, it looks like it really stretches the space that it has to a whole new level.

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