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This Guy Invented A Jet Powered Bicycle And It Is All Kinds Of Badass!

When somebody with a little bit of mechanical inclination and a couple of the proper tools is left alone, there’s no telling exactly what’s going to come from their labor as one thing might lead to another, eventually ending with a product that’s a lot of fun to lay eyes on and even more fun to ride or drive! In this one, we check out just that as a vehicle that appears to have started out as some sort of wacky science experiment ended up coming together in just the right way and being truly impressive. We have to really admit that this thing is nothing short of a badass creation.

In this one, we’re looking at none other than a jet-powered bicycle that was created in someone’s garage! That’s right, should you be one of those to ride a bicycle to work because you live in a congested area, this bad boy might just make your ride a little bit shorter. With the ability to reach a top speed of 45 mph, a speed that seems a little bit scary for any bicycle, this thing is pretty awesome and we have to commend the creator on a job well done, at least from what we’re able to see in the video.

Check out the video down below that showcases this ride and what it’s all about. How one thinks of an idea like this, we can’t really be sure but, being able to see all of that hard work and just the right ideas coming together in the right way is really a joy to watch. This thing is nothing short of an awesome creation that many who worked out in the garage all those long our should aspire to. Do you think that you would have wanted takes the hop on a bicycle like this and crank it out to its top speed? That seems like a sketchy venture to us!


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