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This Guy Restores Old Beat Up Hot Wheels… Watch Him Restore a Redline 1968 Custom Camaro

YouTuber baremetalHW is a Hot Wheels superfan, and video’s like this give us a glimpse of his passion of everybody’s favorite diminutive hotrods.

What he does is nothing short of art, taking beaten up die cast replicas and restoring them to their past glory, sometimes better than they came from the factory. In this ten minute clip, we get to follow along his process as he restores this pretty badly battered Redline Camaro.

He starts by removing the individual pieces, then giving the metal pieces a quick electrolyte bath to remove the oxidation and rust. After that, a quick polish gives the metal a shine and reveals the remaining imperfections, which are deemed too minor to deal with, so he moves on to the task of repairing the broken hood, which he does with ease. After that, it’s time to pick paint, for which he consults a guide to make sure he uses an acceptable paint combination.

After choosing and applying the paint, the restorer uses some rubbing compound to help bring back some of the clarity to the plastic windows, then the whole things gets reassembled and we get to see the finished product, now wearing a cool purple coat of paint. This is definitely one detailed restoration, and shows just how dedicated some hobbyists are to their hobby.


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