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This Guy Sold a Nissan GT-R to a Russian Gangster

If you’ve ever dabbled in the car business, you can really attest to the fact if there are some strange characters who will come through your life. You have to remember that almost everybody needs to drive and everybody likes getting a good deal so you really never know who’s going to end up trying to do business with you whether it be on a cheap entry-level car or one of the most expensive vehicles that Nissan makes in the Nissan GT-R. Sometimes, like in this situation, the characters that end up coming through a car dealership can really make a great story.

The aspects that really make this story one to open your ears for are the fact that this guy came in and bought one of the most respected cars on the road all with $0 of provable income and bounds of cash that he would flop on the table to try and get a little bit of financing for his new passion. All of these factors really come together to paint a picture that will really let your imagination run wild with exactly how this man who doesn’t make any money on paper came through with so much cash to buy a car like this but I guess it’s really none of your business as a car salesman so this car salesman, in particular, did nothing more than his job of putting the customer in the car that he wanted, taking home quite a bonus to boot.

You can follow along in the story below that is throwing tons of red flags and frankly, it makes it a lot more interesting to listen to. There’s something about selling a car to a man that was believed to be a Russian gangster that really piques interest and makes you want to learn more about this mysterious character!

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