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This Homemade 392cc Bike With a Mini V8 Engine Sounds Amazing.

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on July 24, 2018

If you don’t think this is cool, you may need to seek medical attention, because you’re possibly dead. At the very least, you need to surrender your man card immediately, because this is awesome!

From what I can tell, this is a home-built one off project, despite looking very much like a vintage bike that could have easily been manufactured just like this decades ago. Based on a 1979 BMWR650 frame, the bike is built to look much older. The suspended front forks certainly add to the vintage appeal, as does the saddle style seat and skinny spoke wheels. The tanks for gas and oil future vintage lettering to add to the antique look, but the centerpiece of the build has to be the engine.

Based off a CB350F, a four cylinder Honda engine popular in the mid-70’s on Honda’s motorcycle line, this engine is actually two four cylinder engines mated together to create a 392cc V8.

While we don’t know the horsepower or any other specifications, what we do know is that bike does sounds amazing and seems to make plenty of power to operate safely on the open road, so this thing could certainly be seen on the road, if the owner decides to head out on a road trip.

However, we don’t really see that happening, other than maybe for short jaunts to town and back just to keep the engine cleaned out. This is, after all, a hand-built project that Dennis Franz brought to life all on his own, including the painstaking work that went into mating the two four cylinder engines into one V8.

If anybody out there knows more about this bike, or Dennis himself, please send us some information. We love to see projects like this brought to live by passionate and dedicated enthusiasts like Franz and we would love to tell more of his story and the story of how this bike came to be.


dennis franz flyer v8 motorcycle

homemade, 392cc vee eight engine motorcycle sounds amazing. the genius behind this is dennis franz calling the bike franz flyer. uses a bmw gearbox…must be a really smooth ridefor more information follow this link to his youtube account

Posted by Velocities Natural Selection on Thursday, June 14, 2018


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