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This Hydraulic Torque Wrench is Genius

Sometimes, when a bolt needs a hefty amount of torque or a very specific amount of torque applied to it, a hydraulic torque wrench might be the way to go as this machine will use hydraulic power to tighten down the nut in question, guaranteeing that everything is done to spec.

This time, we ride along with Highland Community College as they give us a rundown on how to properly use one of these instruments to make sure that the job at hand is done in the most precise and correct way possible. Believe it or not, there are definitely ways to screw it up.

Check out the video below that gives you the rundown to see exactly how the process works and how you could be just a few simple steps away from hydraulic torque wrench perfection. Knowing how to use one of these things could really come in handy in the garage.


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