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This Illustration Shows Exactly How a Carburetor Works

For much of my life, I ran a bracket car at my home track on a weekly basis. Despite my car having a custom-built carburetor, I have to admit I really never understood exactly how the carb itself worked. I knew the components – jets, floats, air bleeds and squirters, to name a few – and what happened when I changed or adjusted them, but I never understood what actually went on inside the carb to make it work so well.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.32.22 AM

Well, thanks to this vintage footage, I have a better understanding of what goes on in there, and it’s not, as I had convinced myself, magic. Instead, it’s just good old science and physics doing what they do. This video does a great job of breaking down the inner works of the one of the most common methods of introducing air and fuel to an engine, making it easy for anybody to understand.

Sit back, watch, and learn!