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This is how firewood was cut back in the day!

Even though, back in the day, obviously things weren’t as technologically advanced and over-engineered like they are today, these guys still put the gears to motion in their heads to try to make whatever labor they had at hand just a little bit easier and quicker.

This time, we almost are able to take a trip in a time machine to check out this old school way of cutting up wood that had to be a savior in terms of what time these guys would get done and also in terms of keeping their back muscles in tact for more work in the future.

One false move and this machine could prove to be quite dangerous but it looks like the need to be efficient highly outweighs the need for safety. I guess that’s just the way that things were done before this era of safety proofing everything.

Check out the video below that shows how you might have caught men back in the day cutting up wood to a more manageable size for use. Now this is some real burly, gritty stuff, here!