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This is How Gas Stations Work

In this modern day and age, we are able to head out to the gas station and fill up our vehicles without even thinking twice about it. Meanwhile, there are tons of events happening around us and safety measures in place to make sure that, for the consumer, everything continues to go smoothly.

This time, we take a dive into how exactly the complex workings of a gas station come together to give you that fast, easy, and safe experience that makes filling up nothing more than a quick stop and the swipe of a credit car

From how the tanks underground are set to not corrode or overflow to how exactly the pump knows when to shut off automatically when you’re tank is too full, this video touches on pretty much all of the niceties that make sure that you don’t need to think about anything while filling up.

Check out the video below that takes us into some of the important steps that are put into place to reduce this risk. You might not have known about these but now that you do, be thankful that they are in place! It could be a lot more complicated and dangerous for you to pump your gas!


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