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This is How The Bentley Mulsanne is Made. Inside The EXTREME Bentley Production Line

When considering a luxury car, Bentley is a name that definitely hovers toward the top of the list. These luxury machines have always been ones that have been highly sought after, even finding their way in the garages of many celebrities. Sure, they are incredibly attractive cars but what is it about the Bentley name that makes their machines so great? What sets them apart from the pack of others who are looking to knock them off of their pedestal?

This time, we take a look at the production process and all of the care placed on putting these things together that may give you a little bit of a hint at what exactly it is that makes these machines yield the price tag that they do when they eventually hit the market.

Inside the Bentley factory, we watch as the Bentley Mulsanne goes through the process of starting out as nothing more than a body but with the addition of part after part, the machine becomes a complete picture. Each and every piece has to be in exactly the right place and fastened in just the right way to be a cohesive unit.

It’s not often that you get to see these kinds of cars in their intermediate state so this is quite a treat as we get the chance to watch as every bolt is fastened down and every panel is put in place to bring a facelift to the raw materials that have gone into making these cars what they have become.

Check it all out down in the video below as the process is brought to light and you get to step foot in the place where some of the most highly revered cars in the world are put together. Be sure to tell us what you think of the process and if you think that these rides are worth the price tag.