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This is how to pump gas without arms

Have you ever come to a gas pump to find that the card reader took a couple of tries to read your credit card or the latch was broken on the auto fill feature which meant you had to stand there and pump your own gas? You might have found yourself a little bit passively angry at a situation like this but we’re going to show you why you should always be appreciative for what you’ve got.

This time, we check out what pumping gas is like for a girl who doesn’t have arms to get the job done. As you would imagine, processes like sliding her card, entering her pin number, or even putting the pump in the car, would prove to be a time-consuming process.

In this one, we watch as the YouTube user that goes by the name “Tisha UnArmed” takes us through the steps that it takes for her to pump gas without the use of her arms and we have to admit that she really kills it as she looks to have her steps down pat.

Watch and learn as Tisha makes it look almost second nature as she goes through the sequence of events that allows her to pump gas without anyone’s help or any special aids. We have to admit that we are really impressed by this kind of perseverance!