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This is How You Dock a Boat, Serious Skills Involved.

If you have ever been aboard a decent-sized boat, you know that it takes a little bit of experience and wherewithal to get it in between the pilings and dock it safely.

This time, however, the throttle is turned all the way up and these boaters known as the “Chesapeake Cowboys” show us how boat docking really is done.

It’s incredible to watch as this boat known as “Tough Luck II,” zips through the Marina at full throttle before slamming it in reverse and sliding right into the slip.

This crew is nothing short of crazy as they put their all out there in order to attempt to have the fastest time docking their boat and beat out the competition.

Check out the video below that shows this insane vessel on a mission the tell us what you think of this wild boat docking display.


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