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This is How You Sink Your Boat Going Through an Inlet

Everybody who gets behind the controls of a boat should have some sort of training or experience. However, even for the most novice boaters, there are some locations that are going to be safer than others. For example, bad things are far less likely to happen in a body of water like a bay where it’s nice and wide while also being deep and there’s not a ton of traffic for boaters to run into. No crashes and no running aground. A bay will also have the added benefit, in many cases, of not having massive waves ripping through it.

On the other hand, there are sections of water that these novice boaters should definitely avoid. One of the examples of this is an inlet. Usually, inlets that are designed to connect smaller bodies of water to the ocean can be incredibly volatile. At a moment’s notice, things may go from smooth to choppy and the current is usually always ripping through at a high rate of speed. One false move and a boat can go under all while its occupants are rushed out to sea.

This time, we tune in with Haulover Inlet which has made its presence felt with lots of viral Internet videos due to the aggressive nature of the body of water. Let’s just say that things can get pretty rough here for even experienced boaters so newbies need not apply.

By following along with the video below, we check in with a couple of boaters who are definitely not doing a good job of handling the conditions. There is certainly a proper and improper way to handle conditions like these and a lot of these individuals certainly haven’t chosen properly.

Just to give you a couple of things to keep your eye on, generally, a boater in these conditions is going to want to keep their vessel moving at a pretty decent rate of speed through conditions like these. You don’t necessarily want to launch over waves but sitting still is a good way to make you a sitting duck in to have your vessel taken under.


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