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This is Officially The Quickest Nissan GT-R in the World

There was a time where it seemed like every other day, there was a new Nissan GT-R record as different teams and drivers would combine to push that elapsed time and a quarter mile closer and closer to zero. As racing sort of takes a break here in the early months of 2018, though, we haven’t seen all that much from the GT-R camp in terms of records, however, just recently, we watched another Nissan break through and take down that elapsed time another step. These things are going incredibly fast and we get the feeling that in the upcoming season, it will be more of the same as teams try to step it up yet again to take home the crown.

In this one, the Alpha Logic team is on tap as they head out in one insane machine, gunning for perfection and that’s exactly what they get, well, in terms of what the GT-R platform has managed to date, as they launch hard out a hole and we get a view the car from behind as it makes its way down the track with the driver steering the heck out of this thing, making sure that the car stays in between the walls as the all-wheel-drive machine seems to want to squirm all over the place. However, the driver manages to keep the untamed beast in its lane as it manages to bust its way to a touch over 212 mph, slamming home the world record as quickest GT-R ever with a 6.85-second pass.

If you follow along below, the Alpha Logic GT-R makes its presence felt as the incredibly engineered racing machine screams to life, digging down deep and making one heck of a pass down the track. Even if you’re not a fan of imports, this all-wheel-drive beast is definitely one that you’re going to want to lay eyes on because every fan of speed should be able to appreciate something like this.