This is one experienced SEMI truck driver, awesome maneuver saves truck!

We’ve mentioned before that big rig drivers are generally some of the better ...

We’ve mentioned before that big rig drivers are generally some of the better drivers on the road. There are a few bad apples that give the rest of the good guys a bad reputation, but for the most part, semi drivers are much safer operators than the other drivers you encounter on the highway.

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To help prove that point, we bring you this video of a driver using some quick thinking and deft maneuvering to save his rig from certain destruction. Wicked wind gusts are pummeling the eighteen wheeler – who is traveling without a load in his trailer it appears – as he heads across the plains of Kansas. The trailer is blown so hard that half its wheels are lifted high in the air. Just as it seems the wind is going to win, the driver executes a genius maneuver to bring the trailer back under control.

Grabbing a handful of wheel and probably saying a prayer, the driver makes a hard right turn, pulling the trailer back to earth out of the howling crosswinds and preventing a seemingly inevitable crash. He did take out a section of fence along the side of the road, but that’s a minor matter in the face of what could have been.

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