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This is the biggest sleeper on a Peterbilt we have ever seen

If you have ever been on an extended road trip, you can probably concoct some picture in your mind of how tough it is for a truck driver who drives from state to state on a regular basis on roads that connect to one another and really never seem to end out there.

In order to accommodate life on the road, some truckers are able to muster up the funds to buy big rigs with top-of-the-line features and others are able to customize their rigs to the way that they see fit for maximum comfort on the open road.

One of these features that can be included in your rig of choice is that of the sleeper. Basically, a sleeper rig will allow the driver to have enough space to sleep at a rest stop while out on the road and this time, we check out a video of a motorist who happened to stumble upon a sleeper that is a little bit larger than your average truck.

From the looks of the outside of this heavy hauler, it appears as if there is an entire hotel inside of the truck. Check out the video below that gives us a drive by of the super long truck that probably offers up all of the amenities of home. We wouldn’t be surprised if this thing had its own maid staff, too!